quinta-feira, julho 17, 2008

Frightened little soul

You live your life the wrong way
Just want to scream your pain away
To find something to fill the void
Something to make you wanna stay

But you’re so damned afraid
You can’t even fight for your happiness
You end up crying weakly again
Wishing away in your loneliness

It doesn’t really make sense
Yet you simply cannot move
Life has become a burden
You just can’t seem to choose

Frightened little soul
Such a pitiful waste of space
Someone should just do
What you’re so scared to face

You probably wish you were stronger
Someone who could face the world
Too bad little fellow
You’re just a scared tiny girl

How can you not know yourself?
How can that possibly be?
Are you clueless?
Or just too afraid to see?

To see how little you mean to world around you
How little you’ve accomplished in life
To see how weak you have become
To see how there’s simply no hope in sight

CH 2008

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