domingo, setembro 04, 2005

Stupid mess

Stupid mess
Blinding rage
I feel as if they should all
Be locked in a cage

They just don’t listen
How can that be?
Selfish people
Who just pretend to be

Be the fairnest of all
The truth on earth
And lie and cheat
Now...and from this day forth

Claim not to inflict harm
Claim to protect and believe
All they do is cause pain
Betray and deceive

They just don’t understand
That the world isn’t them
That they are not kings
I don’t understand!!

The ones you see as friends
Just hurt you more and more
And you find yourself betraied
They swore!!

Don’t they see it’s best
For some not to know
They just wanna hurt you
And just think: So?

CH 29/05/01

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