sábado, setembro 24, 2005

Angel of Sorrow

I came down from the sky
From a sky full of hollow
Bringing an empty soul
I was named Angel of Sorrow

I came down gently
I no longer belonged there
My mission was to learn
My mission was to share

I should learn to smile
Learn how to be free
Learn how to be happy
Learn how to forgive and see

See the beauty around me
See the black in my soul
Search for me
And no longer be alone

My soul stays dark
I only wait for one thing
For death to come
And wash away the sine

The sine of not being happy
Of not being able to smile
Not being able to fly
But I’ll have to wait a while

CH 16/02/00

4 comentários:

Dumb disse...

Humm... Little Angel!

Aprender a sorrir é muito fácil, basta estar feliz...

Quanto ao voar, pior que não poder, é não ter para onde.

"I got whilde starring eyes
I got a strong hurge to fly
But I got nowhere to fly to..."


Dumb disse...

Com wild fica melhor :)

Taina disse...

P.F.??? sim sorrir é fácil se estamos felizes.... isso é que já não é tão fácil né?:)

Anónimo disse...

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